Arabic Dual Language Program

In partnership with Qatar Foundation International, PS/IS 30 started the Arabic dual language program in September of 2013.  The Arabic dual language program offers English speakers the opportunity to learn Arabic alongside native Arabic speakers.  Our goal is for all students in the dual language program is bi-literacy in English and Arabic.  The day is split with content instruction in both languages for the full class; the morning in one language and the afternoon in the other. We are currently offering the dual language program in our Elementary grades kindergarten to grade two and adding a grade every year.  Parents who are interested can select the Arabic dual language option while applying for kindergarten. Research has shown that students in any dual language program, English Language Learners and native English speakers excel in their academics far greater than students in all English general education classes.

Read a paper about the benefits of dual language, published by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) Journal, here.

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