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compressedMy name is Ms. Gina Tart and I am the elementary art teacher at PS/IS 30. I cannot express the sheer happiness and excitement that I have, to be teaching art to kindergarten,  first and second grade this year. I am looking forward to a fun, productive and creative year with the students. I will ensure that, art class will be an enriching and rewarding part of your child’s day.

This year, art for kindergarten and first grade, will focus on having the students develop skills working with various materials. Art projects will introduce the students to various mediums including collage, paint, clay, printmaking, 3d construction and drawing. Projects will teach students how to manipulate and use the art materials to visually represent and express their ideas, their experiences, and their feelings. Art projects will broaden students thinking and knowledge as they are introduced to different art periods, artists and their techniques. I strongly believe in the learning acquired through interdisciplinary connections. As a result, art projects will also integrate subject matters studied in other content areas. Through discussing various works of art and through making their own art, students will learn how to talk about their own work and the works of others. My goal this year is for the students to develop a greater sense of accomplishment and the ability to problem solve and think critically at a deeper level, through the art making process.


First grade art 2016

This year in art, second grade will use their knowledge of art making to study and recreate art from various cultures around the world. Throughout the year second grade will be studying the art of West Africa, the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Mexico/South and Central America and the United States. Through the study of other cultures and multicultural art projects, I hope that the students will learn about the importance of creating art and how art can tell us about the people and culture in which they were created. As the students continue to work with various materials they will continue to discover that they can use the art materials to visually represent their ideas and points of view about themselves and the world around them. It is my goal that all students will leave art this year with a greater sense of accomplishment and with a strong capability to solve problems creatively, which is a highly sought after skill in today’s world.


First grade art

If you have any items at home, that the students can use in their artwork, we would appreciate all donations: fabric, newspapers, wrapping paper, egg cartons, buttons, beads, ribbons, yarn, cereal boxes, magazines, paper towel and toilet paper rolls, crayons, and Legos (we will be completing a special art project this year using Legos).

Thank you for your generosity.


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First grade art

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