Back-to-School Resources for Families

The following back-to-school resources are now available to support families:


  • Back-to-School Basics is a one-stop shop with important information to help families get ready for the first day of school and the school year ahead.


  • The 2016–17 Achieve NYC: A Complete Guide to New York City Public Schools provides families with useful, easy-to-read information on academic expectations, school and district-level supports, and tips for encouraging their children academically and emotionally. Achieve NYC is available in English and nine additional NYCDOE-covered languages. Your school received quantities of the guides based on your enrollment and parents’ written language preference as recorded in ATS. All schools should receive their copies of Achieve NYC and Language Access Kits, which contain resources to help address language barriers in schools, by September 6.


  • Once school starts, you should backpack home the guides so that families can begin using them right away. You may also distribute the guides at “Meet the Staff Night” in September. Extra copies should also be available in the main office, with your parent coordinator, at the PTA office, or in other areas of your school that parents visit. Please refer to the Achieve NYC webpage, for PDF versions of the guide and a link to request additional copies. To provide feedback on the guide, email For questions, email
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