News from the Principal

Good Day PS/IS 30 Families,

I am excited that we have this forum for me to communicate to you some aspects of what’s happening at PS/IS 30. I would first like to thank our parent volunteers for creating and maintaining the website; thank you PTA Team for your diligence and resilience to seeing the project to fruition.  I appreciate the Families who are taking the time from their busy schedules to attend our PTA meetings. We have had many accomplishments as our parents’ and teachers’ voices rally together to benefit our students. So, I highly encourage you to please show up and participate in your child’s education.

I will utilize this website to update our Elementary and Middle School parents of highlights, and key information regarding your child’s education on a regular basis, Ms. Moscatello our Parent Coordinator will assist me in keeping you informed through emails, letters and texts. Our intention is to expand our vehicles of communication as we continue to expand as a K-8 school.

Elementary School
Our elementary school is growing. We are now a K-4 school soon to be K-5 in September of 2018. Our annex schoolyard has been renovated with new fences and ground work. Our PTA has purchased new types of equipment for the students to utilize in the school yard. Ms. Willock, Assistant Principal of our K-2 is updating our website with monthly newsletters to keep parents better informed.

Middle School News


  • The New York State (NYS) grades 3-8 Common Core English Language Arts (ELA) and math exams are scheduled on April 11-12, 2018 and May 1-2 respectively. Please ensure that all students go to bed early, receive a healthy breakfast on each morning of the test, and they are prepared with their sharpened pencils and ready minds.
  • State exams are now untimed, meaning, students will be given ample time to work on their test at their own pace, as long as they are productively working.
  • It is important for us as parents to encourage responsibility and resilience in children each and every day. Middle school years are a very stressful phase for all adolescents and even though it may seem they are pushing you away and wanting to be independent; you need to be present now more than ever.
  • 8th grade parents should reach out the Ms. Allen, Guidance Counselor and/or Mr. Houston for any High School questions and/or concerns. AAllen7[at]; JHouston[at]


News for ALL


  • As you all know, we are a Uniform school, and I encourage parents to ensure that all students are in their school uniforms on a daily basis. Gym uniforms need to be worn only when students have gym.
  • It is imperative that you show up to the Tuesday’s parent engagement time being offered. You have 40 Tuesdays in the school year, not including the parent/teacher conferences. You have no excuse as to why you are not highly involved in your middle schooler’s education. PLEASE SHOW UP, GET ENGAGED, THEY NEED YOU, WE NEED YOU TO WORK WITH US TO ENSURE THEY ARE SUCCESSFUL!
  • Please check the school calendar ( and join me (usually) on first Tuesday of every month for “Coffee with the Principal”. It’s an awesome opportunity for parents and administration to share “glows” and “grows.”
  • We are always working on expanding our communication with Families if you are not getting our emails, texts or phone call messages please, see Ms. Moscatello to update your contact information so we are able to offer you more effective and convenient methods of communication and sharing information.
  • Please review our website and take the opportunity to complete the Lunch Forms. Lunch is free for all our students this year 2017-18 but we still need you to complete the lunch form.

I hope this was informative and helpful. I am always open to ideas and suggestions. Please email me and share your thoughts!

Wishing our PS/IS 30 Families a Happy and Healthy School Year!


Sincerely yours,

Mrs. Heeraman, Principal. cheeraman[at]

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