NY Cares Thank You Letter

Dear Ms. Shanee Walker,

It is difficult to find the words to express the gratitude our PS/IS 30 family has for the work you have done in our school.  When we called upon the services of NY Cares, we were at a difficult juncture as our school was continuing to grow from a 6-8 school to a K-8 school.  Our Annex was to open for our Kindergarten students and it was not the welcoming place our school family wanted it to be.

New York Cares entered into the picture, along with its many volunteers, and turned things around.   You brought to fruition a building bursting with color and character where children would be drawn in to learn.  With our deepest appreciation, the PS/IS 30 Mary White Ovington School family thanks you and the volunteers that came here for the great work that has been done.  Continue to do the work you do because you are making a difference in the lives of children.


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