Parent Teacher Association

Welcome to the Parent Teacher Association! Your Voice Matters!

 All parents of PS/IS 30 students are part of the Parent Teacher Association (PTA). The PTA is a way for parents to communicate with the principal, vice-principals, parents, and teachers. All languages are welcome! If you need translation help, please let us know. Help shape your child’s education at our school!

PTA Meetings: PTA meetings are a time to hear from your PTA representatives, your principal and ask questions. We also honor our Students of the Month and have special monthly presentations. Translation is available. PTA meetings are usually held on the third Tuesday of each month at 5:15pm in our auditorium.

PTA RELATED MEETINGS FOR 2016-2017 (Dates subject to change)


Executive Meeting 9/27 @ 8:15am

Coffee With the Principal 9/13 @ 8:15am

PTA Meeting 9/20 @ 5:30pm

Coffee Hour with PTA Executives 9/20 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 10/25 @ 8:15am Coffee With the Principal 10/11 @ 8:15am

PTA Meeting 10/18 @ 5:30pm

Coffee Hour with PTA Executives 10/18 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 11/29 @ 8:15am

PTA Meeting 11/15 @ 5:30pm

Coffee With the Principal 11/1 @ 8:15am

Coffee Hour 11/15,11/22 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 12/20 @ 8:15am
PTA Meeting 12/20 @ 5:30

Coffee With the Principal 12/6 @ 8:15 am

Coffee Hour 12/13 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 1/24 @ 8:15 am

PTA Meeting 1/10 @ 5:30pm

Coffee with the Principal 1/3 @ 8:15 am

Coffee Hour 1/10,1/17 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 2/28 @ 8:15 am
PTA Meeting 2/14 @ 5:30 pm

Coffee With the Principal 2/7 @ 8:15am



Executive Meeting 3/28 @ 8:15 am  

PTA Meeting 3/14 @ 5:15pm            

Coffee with the Principal 3/7 @ 8:15am

Coffee Hour 3/14,3/21 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 4/25 @ 8:15am
PTA Meeting 4/11 @ 5:30pm

Coffee with the Principal 4/4 @ 8:15am

Coffee Hour 4/11, 4/25 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 5/30 @ 8:15am   

PTA Meeting 5/9 @ 5:30pm

Coffee with the Principal 5/2 @ 8:15am

Coffee Hour 5/9,5/16,5/23 @ 8:15am


Executive Meeting 6/27 @ 8:15am
PTA Meeting 6/13 @ 5:30pm

Coffee with the Principal 6/5 @ 8:15am

Coffee Hour 6/13, 6/20 @ 8:15am

All Executive Meetings & Coffee Hours take place in Annex cafeteria. PTA meetings takes place in Main Building auditorium

see our calendar for upcoming meetings. 

Coffee Hour: Our weekly Coffee Hour is another way to hear from your PTA representatives and ask questions more informally. On the first Tuesday of each month we’re joined by Principal Heeraman. Coffee Hour is held every Tuesday at 8:15am in the Annex Building.


What Does the PTA Do? How Can I Participate?

  • Come to monthly meetings! Listen to your fellow parents, teachers, and administrators and join in on the conversation. You can make a difference in the future of the school.
  • Join a committee. Much of this work is done over email; you don’t have to come to many additional meetings. For a committee description see under “committee” tab.
  • Nominate yourself. PTA or SLT elections take place in the fall.
  • There are tons of donation and volunteer opportunities, from fundraising events to bake sales and gift sales. Donate your money, your time, or your talent—or all three!
  • Be involved. Participate in any way you can: work from home and help make flyers, assist with our web site or help us start a newsletter.
  • Can you translate? We welcome volunteer translators (Chinese, Arabic, Spanish) to help all parents become involved.


PTA Officers:

Parent Teachers Association (PTA) 2016-17

Rebecca Cartagena               President

Maria Rose                                Vice. Pres.

Meagan McGinley                   R. Secretary

Ilham Atmani                           Treasurer

PTA contact: psis30pta[at]


PTA Committees:


Contact: Debbie De Santis at deborahdesantis[at]

Goal: Raise money that will directly benefit the students of our school and build a sense of community among parents, students, and staff.
Tasks: Organize monthly to bi-monthly events, such as Mother’s Day Sale, Father’s Day Sale, Bake Sales, Movie Nights, and Community Events.

This Committee meets as needed and participates a good deal by e-mail.

Uniform Committee

Contact: Issa Farshoukh at issa940[at]

Goal: Communicate clearly about uniform policy and ordering processes.

Tasks: Educate parents about the policy and distribute uniforms.

Scholatic Committee

Contact : Natasha Pimentel at mrspimentel12[at]

Boxtops Committee

Contact : Annette Zeyer at  a.zeyer74[at]

Hospitality Committee

Contact : Rebecca Cartagena rcartagena60[at]

Audit Committee

Contact : Abbas

Health Task Force Committee

Contact : Meagan McGinley at meagan421[at]

Goal: Foster a healthy environment at the school. Our topics of interest include incorporating more physical activity at the school, healthy food, lice and bed-bug prevention and awareness.

Tasks: Committee largely meets through email. Provide information to parents about health concerns and organize fun, healthy activities.

Website Committee

Contact : Zahra Amara at zahraeloula[at]

Goal: Facilitate communication within the school and develop public visibility of our school.

Tasks: Maintain website. Keep news up-to-date and communicate exciting developments.

Tittle One Committee

Contact : Maria Rose at mpawlyk78[at]

Photo Committee

Contact : Ilham Atmani at adam-hy[at]

Grants Committee

Contact: Debbie De Santis at deborahdesantis[at]

Goal: Secure funding for academic and extracurricular activities.

Tasks: Identify grants and complete applications.


PTA MINUTES 2015-2016: OctoberNovemberDecemberJanuary

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