Safe Places for our Students

Dear Families, Happy New Year!

We wanted to let you know that one of our areas of focus this year is to continue to create public spaces that feel safe, supportive, and welcoming to your children and to you. Public spaces include school entries/exits, hallways, the cafeteria, and bathrooms. We are taking the following actions to make sure this happens:

  • When students move during passing periods, there will be adults consistently assigned to places in the halls to greet students and move them along to their next class or to lunch.
  • Teachers will be at the doorways of their classrooms to meet and greet students, which makes students feel welcome. Also, the teachers’ presence in the hallway helps students move along and follow school rules.

One other important step we are taking is to support students when they may have difficulty managing their emotions in the public spaces. We know that teenagers feel a range of emotions and we understand that:

  • Sometimes students may push, shove, or get into a physical fight.
  • Students may say rude remarks, yell, and/or curse.
  • Also, students might walk away from an adult or refuse to follow a request.

We understand it is our responsibility in these situations to support students to get back on track. All staff will participate in training and follow-up support to prevent, analyze, interpret, and respond to these types of behaviors in supportive, productive, and respectful ways (administrators, safety agents, cafeteria staff, hall monitors, and teachers).

We want our public space to be a place where each and every student, staff and family member feels welcome and safe. Thank you for supporting this effort and please stop by, call, email, or text with any questions or suggestions.



Principal and School Climate-Discipline Team

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