Saturday Program

PS/IS 30 in collaboration with PTA & NIA: 

Saturday program beginning January 21

 See “calendar” for Saturday dates

Parent Information Sessions:

Adult classes:

 English as a New Language – 9am-10am

 Literacy Class – 10am-11am

 Computer Class – 11am-12pm

Registration will take place in class all participants must have some sort of ID to enter the building.

Grades K-3rd:

Basketball– 9am-10:30am

 Art – 9am-12pm (1 hour sessions)

Parents must be present on-site for child to participate in the basketball program.

Registration form must be completed and submitted by Jan. 21 prior to the start of the program to participate.

Grades 6th-8th:

basketball – 10:30am-12 noon

Art Class 9am-12pm (1 hour sessions)

Drop-ins welcome with a middle school ID but must have a complete NIA registration application with parent signature to participate.


Contact Parent Liaison, Donna Moscatello at 718-491-844 x1032, dmoscatello[at]


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