In order to ensure that our students are a prepared to attend college and have successful 21st century careers where they can compete in our global economy and society, our school has taken on an interdisciplinary science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) focus in our K-8 classrooms.

In today’s society, students are expected to be scientifically literate citizens who are capable of asking questions, defining problems, investigate and analyze data and find solutions to problems that influence their environment and the world around them (NGSS, 2014). Our teams of dedicated teachers work to utilize STEAM domains to provide our students with various real-life experiences where they can demonstrate, practice, and master the same essential 21st century skills as students in Finland, China, Japan, and South Korea (NGSS, 2014).

  • OUR SCHOOL GARDEN: PS/IS 30 is developing a school garden through a grant from Grow to Learn NYC.
  • MANNAHATTA 2409: Students learn about our past and present to create visions of future sustainability through this Wildlife Conservation Society project.
  • MARS STUDENT IMAGING PROJECT: Students learn to be scientists by using data from a NASA spacecraft orbiting Mars.
  • URBAN ADVANTAGE: Students are given an understanding of scientific inquiry and allows teachers and students to attend training at premier institutions.
  • MAIMONIDES MEDICAL CENTER RESIDENCY COLLABORATION: Students receive exposure to medicine and the medical professions through in class lectures from medical residents.

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Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) Overview Video (2014):

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This video from NGSS and the one below are fantastic and really explain the importance of STEAM/STEM education:

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