The Healing Center

Greetings on behalf of The Healing Center. Our mission is the intervention and the prevention of domestic violence
in all of its forms.
We have different programs geared to help and assists diverse clients at any age. Our Hi-5 program works with children as
young as three who witness domestic violence. Our Daughters of The Lotus program works with teens who also witness
abuse as well as other topics such as healthy vs. non-healthy relationships and other topics geared for teens. Our Elder Abuse
program works in ending violence against our senior citizens.
We are looking forward to collaborating our services in your schools. All of our services and workshops are for FREE.
We are in the community to work with any organization; we are here to help. Feel free to contact me regarding any
issues that will benefit your school. We work all year round. Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Julia Vazquez

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